Designed with retrofits in mind.

Every Latch product is built with flexibility in mind. From smart access devices for every door to streamlined building management, Latch is the first full-building solution that makes retrofit buildings better.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of owners and operators on hundreds of retrofit projects across 25 states, often leading to portfolio-wide adoption for those who experience the benefits of LatchOS firsthand.

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Retrofit Projects: How to Differentiate Your Property, Streamline Operations, and Increase Demand

In the current market, differentiating their property can be a challenge for owners and operators. Latch is designed to help them stand out from the competition by delivering a single solution that streamlines operations and appeals to modern renters.

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Improve operations and the resident experience.

Across asset classes and building types, Latch makes retrofit projects better places to live, work, and visit—while also improving ROI and NOI. Using our ecosystem of software, products and services, owners and operators can increase operational efficiency and improve their residents’ experience.

Connect to the powerful capabilities of LatchOS.

Every building has different needs, which is why all of our solutions prioritize flexibility. With five modules that power all of a building’s most important capabilities, owners can tailor LatchOS to their property.

Smart access for every door.

Our smart access products are built to work in every building to deliver a more convenient experience for everyone—even in mature buildings with door alignment issues. From the apartment, to the front door, to the garage and gym, our suite of products works for every door so it’s easier for residents to unlock or share access and for property managers to manage access and deliveries all from one place.

Full-building connectivity without the added expense.

Our apartment unit access devices don’t need network connectivity for easier installation, lower cost, and a future-proof solution. For buildings that want a building-wide connection, the Latch Hub and Latch Intercom run on ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular LTE for an always-on connection that doesn’t require extra wiring or added infrastructure.

A more modern resident experience.

By integrating software, products and services in one powerful platform, residents have a more convenient way to manage their spaces. From sharing access with guests to controlling their thermostat to unlocking with their Apple Watch, smartphone, doorcode, or keycard, LatchOS improves the resident experience to decrease turnover and improve retention.

Our teams love Latch compared to other systems we’ve used in the past that can be cumbersome due to spreadsheets or data management. Latch gives us the ability to do that and more seamlessly to make our access management and overall operations easier.

Greg Collins

Senior Regional Project Manager at Prometheus Real Estate Group

As the largest private owner of multifamily properties in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of NMHC’s top 50 developers, Prometheus Real Estate Group is transforming apartment living through innovation and service.