A tool to manage 10 spaces or spaces in 10 states.

LatchOS2 gives you the management tools you need to make your spaces great.

Manage every user, space, and device in one place with Mission Control.

As part of LatchOS2, we’ve upgraded the way that real estate operators can manage each of their spaces by introducing our new web-based tool, Mission Control. With Mission Control, you’re in charge of the most important elements of your spaces and portfolio.

Manage each user’s needs from one place.

From construction operations, to unattended leasing, to resident move-ins, to maintenance, you can set the permissions you need for all your most important activities.

Manage each of your spaces across your entire portfolio.

Manage your entire portfolio of spaces and users from a single platform with Mission Control. Set up cross building amenities, enable cross building access, and share management responsibility all from the same powerful interface.

Manage each of your devices, across each category.

From access, to intercom, to smart home devices and sensors, device administration is seamless and straightforward.

Concierge opens a world of new experiences.

With Concierge, real estate operators get automated guest and delivery management, tools for amenity optimization and monetization, and a powerful tool to remotely augment their building staff, all in one super tool.

Concierge automates guest and delivery management.

Concierge lets your building staff focus on their core tasks and automates many guest and delivery activities. Residents invite their guests and you get a timeline view of activity. Deliveries happen without you having to have permanent staff at your building, because residents can securely manage access for their own deliveries.

Optimize your amenities and monetize new services.

With Concierge, you can drive new revenue and tenant engagement through Latch. Set availability, set pricing, set scheduling, and Concierge handles the rest for you. You can make any space or service at your building available in the Latch App for your residents, allowing you to customize the experience for your residents.

Augment your building staff with Concierge Pro.

Building on the success of Latch Delivery Assistant, Concierge Pro allows you to have a 24 hour a day, seven days a week, remote delivery receptionist. When you sign up for Concierge Pro, your residents and guests have the benefit of a human touch when they need it, available through the Latch Intercom and Latch Link.

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Integrate with the systems that matter to you.

Use Latch integrations to make your operations more efficient, drive new revenue, and create new capabilities at every space.