Smart Home
and Sensors

Person sitting in a smart apartment that has a smart thermostat, smart light, hub, and smart lock on the door
A collage showing a smart light, Google Nest, and smart home control via Latch App.

Manage every device
in one place.

By partnering with leading smart home device makers, LatchOS delivers an open system that manages both common and private spaces. From temperature, to lighting, to leak detection, our comprehensive suite of smart home products empowers users and building staff alike with more control over their spaces.

Logos of smart home partners: Google Nest, ecobee, Honeywell, Jasco, and Leviton.




Light Switches

Light Switches


Smarter software for a smarter home.

The Latch App is a powerful tool that allows users to control their spaces from anywhere. Whether they want to turn off the lights at the office or lower the temperature at their apartment, they can handle it all with just a few taps—even when they’re not home. Building staff can also use the Latch App to oversee vacant spaces to save time, increase energy efficiency, and decrease operational overhead for unbeatable ROI.

Latch App screen showing control for every smart devices in the living roomLatch App screen allowing user to change temperature on smart thermostat
Latch Hub installed in hallway ceiling

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