Introducing Latch Concierge Pro

Our solution streamlines the entire package experience for building partners, residents, and delivery providers.

How It Works

Instead of missed deliveries, stacked packages in the lobby, or overcrowded self-service package rooms, the Latch Concierge Pro delivers a more efficient solution for any space.

For Delivery Providers

When a delivery provider arrives at the building, they dial the "package room" listed on the Latch Intercom.

A 24/7 remote operator answers the call, verifies the provider's credentials, and grants access to the front door and package room door if needed.

The provider drops off their package and completes the delivery, and residents receive a notification that it's arrived.

For Property Managers

During high volume delivery seasons, property managers can easily inventory boxes with the package scanner tool in the Latch Manager App.

Once the package has been scanned, resident notifications are sent to keep package rooms organized.

For Residents

The resident receives a text message and email notification alerting them that their package has arrived and is available for pick-up.

Efficiency & Ease for Everyone

Latch Concierge Pro makes missed delivery slips and towering package piles a thing of the past. Thanks to round-the-clock access and verification for uncredentialed delivery providers and a seamless scanning tool for property managers, packages always get exactly where they need to go.

A Streamlined Package Management Solution

LatchOS is built to be flexible, and Latch Concierge Pro is no different. The two-step solution can be adapted to a building’s exact needs for a more convenient experience.

“Latch Concierge Pro is intuitive and easy-to-use. Combining the package room with access control makes operating the building that much easier. We are excited to see what Latch comes up with next.”

Chad Fackler

Director of Construction, Rembold Properties

Ready to streamline your package management?