December 1, 2020

Latch’s Two-Pronged Approach to Support Delivers Help at All Hours

Powered by LatchOS, Latch manages every element of modern multifamily buildings, from access and smart home devices to operations and flexible connectivity. But the biggest benefit of Latch isn’t just the devices and the software—it’s also the robust support that customers get from day 1. 

Latch’s two-pronged approach to support gives owners, property managers, and residents an easy way to troubleshoot both software and hardware issues any time of day with specialized teams. Through combined efforts of both Latch Support and our regional partners, we’re delivering a smarter, more convenient experience from the moment devices are installed.

First, building staff receive comprehensive training on all of our software tools. The Latch team walks each new property manager step-by-step through the Latch App, the powerful, resident-facing app that enables them to control every device, and Latch Manager, our enterprise software that streamlines building operations for property managers. After onboarding, we also offer all of our customers supplemental training sessions to ensure building staff feel knowledgeable and empowered to use LatchOS effectively. 

Once Latch is installed and teams are trained, Latch’s Support team is standing by to help troubleshoot our software. Whether residents need help unlocking a door with the Latch App or property managers need help sharing access with a resident in Latch Manager, the Support team has an average response time of four minutes and total resolution time of 30 minutes, so anyone can get the help they need fast. 

In addition to the Latch in-house Support team, every Latch building also has a designated AfterCare partner capable of troubleshooting on-site challenges. These certified, regional partners are trained by the Latch team, and are usually the same integrators that originally installed the Latch devices. That way, every customer has familiar, boots-on-the-ground resources nearby and ready to deploy quickly to resolve any issues. 

If a resident’s lock jams overnight causing a lockout, for example, a property manager simply needs to call their AfterCare provider—who provides around-the-clock support—to get the help they need quickly. Latch also has a Technical Support Team, an exclusive resource for our AfterCare partners, that enables them to get any additional insights needed to quickly and efficiently resolve on-site hardware challenges for our customers. 

Together, Latch’s two-pronged approach to support ensures that no matter the challenge, our customers can confidently ensure their staff and residents always have the convenience and flexibility of a Latch building. 

If you’re interested in experiencing best-in-class support for yourself, bring Latch to your building.