December 16, 2020

Latch Announces Comprehensive Package Problem Solution

2020 has caused a dramatic shift in people’s shopping behaviors. As a result, multifamily buildings have struggled under the load of increasing package volume. With UPS reporting a 65% increase in home deliveries, apartment buildings must find a solution for the management of dozens of deliveries per day. But without a single system that handles access, package management, and resident delivery notifications, many buildings are struggling to keep lobbies clear and ensure that packages get where they’re meant to go.

To help multifamily buildings streamline package management, Latch is excited to announce the Latch Delivery Assistant, a new LatchOS solution that’s designed to make it easier for multifamily buildings to manage incoming packages and for residents to receive them.

“Increasing package volume has become a problem for buildings that weren’t designed for the current volume of deliveries,” said Latch CEO Luke Schoenfelder. “While many have tried to solve this problem, Latch’s ongoing investment in innovative solutions has resulted in a holistic, efficient solution for building managers, residents, and delivery providers.”

When any uncredentialed delivery provider—like the neighborhood florist—arrives at a building, they dial the “package room” listed on the Latch Intercom. Pre-credentialed drivers, including UPS, continue to gain automated access.

The call then goes directly to a 24/7 remote operator who will verify their credentials and grant them access at the front door. If the building has a dedicated package room, the remote operator can also share access to this secure area where the delivery person can drop off their packages.

Once the packages have been delivered, property managers can then easily inventory each box using the new package scanner tool in the Latch Manager App. The scanner allows property managers to take a photo of the package label, which then automatically extracts the recipient’s name through deep learning models and image recognition technology. Latch Manager App then uses that information to notify residents with a text message and an email that their package is waiting for them.

This two-step solution offers buildings the opportunity to customize it in a way that perfectly suits their needs. No matter if buildings leave packages in the lobby or have a self-service package room for residents, the Latch Delivery Assistant enables property managers to easily receive packages while preventing common areas and package rooms from getting overwhelmed.

For building partners, the Latch Delivery Assistant enables simplified operations to help them save time and lower operating costs, while providing flexibility to deal with increasing delivery volume in a systematic way to avoid overflowing lobbies or disorganized package rooms. It also empowers building partners to deliver a seamless and convenient experience for residents, who never have to dig through endless piles of boxes or worry about another missing package.  

“Parcel management has always been a problem at our properties. We decided early on to move to a managed parcel room in the hopes that the delivery drivers would use it more than the lockers,” said Chad Fackler, Rembold Properties’ director of construction.

“We have used Latch on other buildings and have had great success with the product and support. When faced with the option of including other Latch products in our building, we didn’t hesitate. LatchOS is intuitive and combining the parcel room with the rest of the access control makes operating the building that much easier,” he added

The Latch Delivery Assistant also delivers time-savings benefits for delivery drivers. They can more quickly deliver all of the packages along their route, and always feel confident knowing that they can gain the access they need to complete deliveries.

As the newest addition to LatchOS, the Latch Delivery Assistant is the next step in developing a full-building ecosystem that manages every user, device, and capability within an apartment building designed to make building operations easier.

If you’re interested in bringing the Latch Delivery Assistant to your building, contact our Sales team today.