February 24, 2021

The Latch Lens Partner Program Brings LatchOS to More People

The world is full of doors, and almost every one of those doors is finished with a lock, but not all locks are created equal. Between regional differences, variations in building type, and different security needs and use-cases, there hasn’t been a one-size-fits-all smart access solution for every space—until now.

Today, we're excited to announce the Latch Lens Partner Program, an industry-first partnership program that will enable access device partners to leverage Latch's industry-leading software and iconic Latch Lens on any door, anywhere.

In the beginning, we set out to solve the apartment access problem. Sharing and revoking access, managing physical keys and credentials, and coordinating with service providers and guests was a fundamental challenge for every building. But it was never about just unlocking your door with a phone—it was about creating a whole new ecosystem of capabilities to make apartment living and building management more flexible, convenient, and modern.

We first designed three unique Latch products to work for multifamily building entrances, apartment doors, parking garages, gyms, and just about every door in between. These products are always the gateway to LatchOS, the first multifamily ecosystem that was created to serve all the stakeholders at a building.

Now, the Latch Lens Partner Program allows existing access device manufacturers to connect their best-in-class hardware to LatchOS to bring more powerful capabilities to their customers, no matter the lock type they may need. By incorporating the Latch Lens into their existing products, our partners will facilitate enterprise management for access and smart home, empower users to unlock with the Latch App, and enable property manager software integrations. These powerful capabilities allow our access device partners to offer both traditional and smart locks to their customers—all without developing the software on their own.

From smart access to visitor and delivery management to workflow management, this new program empowers our partners to bring all of Latch’s software—including the resident Latch App and enterprise management platform Latch Manager—to their customers that need a lock format or access solution not currently available in the Latch ecosystem.

The iconic Latch Lens is the universal component on all Latch locks that connects each device to this powerful software ecosystem. With a numeric display, back and enter buttons, and faster upgrade times, the newest Latch Lens also uses 30% less plastic and produces 50% less e-waste than its predecessors. It also allows users to unlock using a smartphone, Apple Watch, keycard, or doorcode for added convenience and flexibility. Now, this convenience and flexibility can be leveraged on a wider scale.

Through the Latch Lens Partner Program, the Latch Lens technology will become available to third-party access device partners for the first time to bring LatchOS to more buildings, more doors, and more people around the world. From no matter the door or device type, the Latch Lens is simple to integrate into our partners’ existing hardware to open up endless possibilities for our customers and everyone who interacts with their buildings.

To qualify for the Latch Lens Partner Program, access device partners will need to meet Latch’s industry-leading quality standards for security, privacy, product, and experience. Our rigorous standards combined with our partners’ creativity and business models will bring new products and spaces into the Latch ecosystem in an efficient and seamless way.

To learn more about becoming a Latch access device partner, email partners@latch.com.


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