January 28, 2021

LatchOS Software Ecosystem Expands With Unattended Showings Integrations

Latch has now opened our ecosystem to third-party unattended showing providers to create a more convenient and flexible experience for everyone. Our new software integrations with Tour24 and Pynwheel are designed to empower buildings to facilitate more seamless access, even before residents move in.

Engineered to easily integrate the two systems, our software API gives customers a new, simpler way to enable self-guided tours. This integration allows buildings to offer extended showing hours, gives prospects the chance to explore at their own pace, and alleviates the operational burden on both property management and leasing staff to deliver an improved prospective resident experience while simultaneously streamlining building operations.

Unattended showings have several advantages for both building staff and residents. Instead of being constrained to viewings during office hours, residents have the option to view apartments anytime, giving them added opportunity to work around their own schedule. It also allows them to see multiple apartments without a leasing agent, which makes many prospective residents feel more comfortable.

Similarly, unattended showings alleviate the burden of key tracking for building staff, allowing them to automate the entire leasing process to reduce their daily list of to-dos. Thanks to the integrations, both Tour24 and Pynwheel allow buildings to offer unattended showings without spending time managing the process in Latch Manager, saving even more time. To do so, buildings work directly with their chosen provider to establish an integration with the Latch system.

Once the integration is set-up, prospective residents sign up for an unattended showing through Tour24 or Pynwheel directly. Then, through the provider’s native platform, prospects receive a single doorcode for every Internet-connected door and a daily doorcode for non-Internet connected doors. This doorcode then grants them access to every door they need once they arrive at the building for their showing, allowing them to move throughout the building and see any relevant spaces, like apartments, amenities, and common areas. The doorcode can be set for a specific window of time by the building, so once that time is expired, the prospect can no longer unlock any doors for added security.

By automating unattended showings, this integration is modernizing the leasing process while also helping buildings to reduce overhead and eliminate headaches for a better experience for everyone.

If you’re a new customer and interested in enabling unattended showings at your property, contact our Sales team.  If you’re an existing customer interested in the Tour24 or Pynwheel integration, contact the provider directly.


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