July 6, 2021

Latch Helps Meridia-Capodagli Property Company Prioritize Sustainability

Latch works with a variety of developers, all who have unique approaches to the resident experience. With a dozen properties across New Jersey and Connecticut, Meridia-Capodagli Property Company delivers a community-driven lifestyle for residents by bringing together everything the local community has to offer, from shops and restaurants to arts and entertainment. They also prioritize industry-leading on-site amenities like dog grooming stations and business centers, all inspired by hotel living, to maximize convenience, flexibility, and luxury. 

But Meridia isn’t only concerned with their resident experience. They’re also prioritizing sustainable initiatives to minimize their own footprint. In an effort to put the planet first, Meridia-Capodagli Property Company has been transitioning all of their properties to tech-forward solutions that help to minimize waste—all while also lowering operating costs.

"Meridia's overall mission is to provide its residents with the highest level of ambiance in a welcoming social environment, which fosters a sense of family belonging,” said the Meridia team. “We're proud to offer residents the latest technology in our buildings. We want everyone to have a seamless and enjoyable experience with us, and Latch allows us to provide this for our residents." 

The Meridia team will be installing solar panels on several buildings, helping to reduce over 2.4 million gallons of gas. Electric charging stations are also available, making it easy for their residents to opt for an electric or hybrid car to lower their emissions. Meridia will also plant over 20,000 trees across their portfolio to offset their buildings’ carbon emissions. 

Their Latch-enabled properties ensure even greater sustainability. Latch is installed at five Meridia properties across New Jersey, offering added flexibility and convenience—all while helping to provide a more eco-friendly access option. With Latch, the Meridia team is able to eliminate the need to recut keys for each resident. Whether for new tenants or in the event of lockouts, this helps to reduce waste and help to push their eco-friendly initiatives forward. 

Unlike many tech products, Latch devices are also built to last. Thanks to this durability, the devices don’t need to be replaced frequently and are designed to last for years, helping Latch customers to reduce their footprint and minimize unnecessary waste.  

“In the consumer electronics industry, making products disposable is traditionally good for business,” said Tim Stonelake, Latch vice president, access product. “A product with a relatively short lifespan can drive sales through a refresh cycle, which is bad for the environment. We don’t operate according to that framework. We want to be more conscious of what we’re putting out into the world. At Latch, we value responsible product design, which aligns well with our business goals. The longer your smart access device lasts, the better it is for us, the property, and the environment.”

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