May 27, 2021

Latch Goes Live: May 2021 Spotlight

Each month, Latch software, products, and services are installed in a myriad of buildings across North America. In this month’s spotlight, we’re highlighting three diverse buildings: One Chicago by JDL Development, Whispering Oaks by Akelius Real Estate Management, and Zia Sunnyside by Confluence Companies. 

LatchOS is a full-building operating system that connects a building’s most important capabilities, including smart access, visitor and delivery management, smart device and sensor control, connectivity, and personalization and services. It is designed with new construction and retrofits in mind, and it is flexible to each building’s needs. JDL, Akelius Real Estate Management, and Confluence Companies customized LatchOS—ranging from access, thermostats, and unattended showings—to meet the needs of their buildings, and make their spaces better places to live, work, and visit. Read more to learn about their newest Latch-enabled properties.

One Chicago

Units: 812
Location: Chicago, IL
Project Type: New Construction
Building Classification: High-rise Condominium/Apartment Building
Customer: JDL Development
Latch Products: Latch M, Latch R
LatchOS Modules: Smart Access and Smart Home and Sensors

Merging the neighborhoods of the Gold Coast and River North, One Chicago offers a whole new perspective on city living just blocks from the Chicago lakefront on State and Superior. Inspired by Chicago’s famous Art Deco buildings, One Chicago rises 971 feet into the Chicago skyline, creating an instantly iconic presence in the city. This two-tower, mixed-use development includes condos, apartments, a Whole Foods Market, a Life Time athletic club, a 120-foot-long dog park, and a combined 1,100 above-and below-ground parking spaces. 

JDL installed the Latch M and R series, adding One Chicago to the growing portfolio of Latch-enabled buildings in the Chicago metro area. The M series has an industry standard mortise cartridge, is built to the highest commercial standards, and it connects users to LatchOS. Whether unlocking with the Latch App, doorcode, keycard, or Apple Watch, Latch devices give residents flexible and seamless access across elevators, units, and amenities at their two towers, like their common areas, Life Time athletic club, and parking garage.

By partnering with leading smart home device makers, LatchOS also delivers a single, centralized solution to manage devices in both common and private spaces. Latch’s integration with Ecobee Thermostat gives residents and building staff at One Chicago the ability to remotely control their temperature and increase energy efficiency—along with access—all with a single solution.

About JDL
JDL was founded in 1993, and has since gained recognition as one of Chicago’s premier developers. Over the past 20 years, their developments have expanded across luxury high-rise apartments and condominiums, urban retail and mixed-use, single-family homes, townhomes, and student housing. As JDL’s project size and scope have grown, so too has its partnerships with leading institutional capital providers both in the U.S. and abroad. Today, JDL is currently developing more than 3,000 units throughout downtown Chicago.

Whispering Oaks

Units: 46
Location: Arlington, VA
Project Type: Retrofit
Building Classification: Mid-rise Apartment Building 
Customer: Akelius Real Estate Management
Latch Products: Latch C, Latch R
LatchOS Modules: Smart Access

Whispering Oaks, based in Arlington, VA, was recently remodeled to modernize and offer flexible conveniences for residents. The one-bedroom apartments feature custom finishes along with amenities like a fitness center and outdoor space. With the convenient access to Washington, DC and top-tier amenities, this building is designed with a working professional’s lifestyle in mind.

Akelius retrofitted their building with the Latch C and R series, which are a part of the LatchOS Smart Access module. LatchOS also enables unattended showings for prospects through our partnership with Tour24 and Pynwheel that’s designed to deliver a more seamless access, even before residents move in.

Engineered to easily integrate the two systems, LatchOS gives Whispering Oaks a simpler way to enable self-guided tours. This integration allows building staff to offer extended showing hours, gives prospects the chance to explore at their own pace, and alleviates the operational burden on both property management and leasing staff to deliver an improved prospective resident experience while simultaneously streamlining building operations.

About Akelius Real Estate Management
Akelius owns and operates residential properties across multiple geographies. The company owns 50,000 apartments in Sweden, Germany, France, Canada, England, and the United States. 80 percent of the apartments Akelius manages are located in metropolitan areas such as Berlin, London, Paris, Stockholm, and New York. Akelius is the largest listed real estate company in Sweden.

Zia Sunnyside

Units: 434
Location: Denver, CO
Project Type: New Construction
Building Classification: Mid-rise Apartment Complex
Customer: Confluence Companies
Latch Products: Latch C, Latch M, Latch R
LatchOS Modules: Smart Access

Located near the 41st and Fox commuter rail station in Denver, Zia Sunnyside is designed for the urban dweller on-the-go. The various floor plans offer residents state-of-the-art amenities, including smart home features and energy efficient systems. In addition, a variety of building amenities, like coworking spaces, a fitness center, and an outdoor entertainment space, enhance the resident experience. 

Confluence Companies installed the Latch C, Latch M, and R series at Zia Sunnyside. By opting for this combination of Latch access devices, Zia Sunnyside offers users a more seamless experience at every door. Installing the Latch M on unit doors, Latch C for maintenance rooms, and R series for building entry and amenities, this customization at Zia Sunnyside more easily lets residents and building staff access private and shared spaces. 

Residents can use their credentials to enter their apartment, underground garage parking, or clubhouse, offering more convenience and flexibility. Building staff get enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations through Latch Manager, and can manage access sharing, resolve issues remotely, and save time and money on turnover.

About Confluence Companies
Confluence Companies was founded in 2006 with an aim to combine decades of collective experience with a passion for quality work and business integrity. From land acquisition to property management and each step in between, Confluence Companies provides the flexibility and dependability to develop communities of distinction—staying on the leading edge of residential and development trends.

We make spaces better places to live, work, and visit. By combining technology and design, we created flexibility in our products for a range of multifamily buildings, from new construction to retrofits across North America. Latch meets the needs of everyone at any building seamlessly.

If you’re interested to learn more about Latch for your building, contact our Sales team today.


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