March 31, 2021

Latch Goes Live: March 2021 Spotlight

Each month, Latch software, products, and services are installed in a myriad of buildings across North America. In this month’s spotlight, we’re highlighting Legacy at Fitz by Legacy Partners and Forth at Navigation by Marquette Companies—two new properties in Aurora, CO, and Houston, TX, respectively. 

San Francisco is synonymous with technology, New York City with finance, Detroit with automobiles, and Los Angeles with film. While these cities are archetypes of the primary industries they have long served, a host of up-and-coming southwest metropolises are on the rise. 

Two examples of this trend are Aurora, CO, and Houston, TX. These booming metropolitan areas are attracting diverse industries and young professionals in droves with high-income jobs, commuter-friendly infrastructure, and economic growth—giving way to prolific multifamily development to house these new professionals. 

According to a survey by property management platform Entrata, smart access is the second most-desired smart home amenity among multifamily residents. Today, one in ten new buildings are built with Latch smart access products—like Legacy Partners and Marquette Companies—that serve as the gateway to LatchOS.

Legacy Partners and Marquette Companies found a way to meet resident expectations in these booming metropolitans with high-value amenity offerings that deliver new meaning to a truly modern living experience, and Legacy at Fitz and Forth at Navigation embrace Latch’s technology to provide the experience residents expect.

Legacy at Fitz

Units: 363
Location: Aurora, CO
Project Type: New Construction
Building Classification: Mid-rise Apartment Complex
Customer: Legacy Partners
Latch Products: Latch C, Latch Intercom
LatchOS Modules: Smart Access, Guest and Delivery Management 

Nestled between Aurora’s bustling medical centers and the trails of Sand Creek Park, Legacy at Fitz combines a convenient location with modern living. The ease of access to the Rocky Mountains and Downtown Denver by highway and the Light rail is one of the key attractions for young professionals moving to this growing city. With the convenient location and top-tier amenities, this property is designed with a burgeoning professional’s lifestyle in mind. Their apartments create a flexible and convenient space to live, work, and visit with luxury finishes, energy-conscious systems, and smart technology.  

Legacy Partners installed the Latch C and Latch Intercom, which are a part of the LatchOS Smart Access and Guest and Delivery Management modules. They are two of five powerful modules that connect a building’s most important capabilities. LatchOS gives residents more ways to unlock and building staff a better way to manage access. 

The Latch C is a cylindrical deadbolt that doesn’t require network connectivity, and is rated to meet the most stringent building codes. The C series delivers enhanced efficiency and added benefits, like streamlined building operations that minimize extra work for building staff, and convenient ways for residents to lock and unlock through the Latch App, Apple Watch, or other credentials. When visitors and delivery providers arrive, they simply dial on the Latch Intercom using the intuitive interface and tactile buttons —that are easy to use, even while wearing gloves. A resident or property manager then answers the call, and all it takes is a single tap to let their guests in from anywhere.

About Legacy Partners
Legacy Partners is a privately held real estate firm that owns, develops, and manages multifamily communities throughout the United States. Since 1968, they have developed more than 60,000 apartment homes, and provide management services for a portfolio of over 60 multifamily communities with more than 14,000 apartment homes, with a gross value in excess of $2 billion.

Forth at Navigation

Units: 300
Location: Houston, TX
Project Type: New Construction
Building Classification: Mid-rise Apartment Building
Customer: Marquette Companies
Latch Products: Latch M, Latch Intercom
LatchOS Modules: Smart Access, Guest and Delivery Management

In Houston’s East Downtown (EADO) district, this 300-unit, eight-story new development is situated at 2404 Navigation Boulevard with connection to Downtown Houston and other major business and entertainment districts. The building offers studio/convertibles, one-, two-, and three-bedroom units and 6,450 sf of retail space for a restaurant and cafe. 

This mixed-use development was designed to connect live and play. The various floor plans offer residents state-of-the-art amenities, like smart home features and energy efficient systems. In addition, a variety of amenities outside of their units, like the rooftop pool, courtyard, fitness center, and a coworking space, enhance the resident experience with convenience and flexibility. 

Marquette installed the Latch M and Latch Intercom at this new development. The M series has an industry standard mortise cartridge, and it is built to the highest commercial standards and connects users to LatchOS. Whether unlocking with the Latch App, doorcode, keycard, or Apple Watch, Latch devices allow residents flexible access to various building amenities, like their fitness center, rooftop pool, and coworking space. 

LatchOS is built to be flexible and can be adapted to a building’s exact needs for a more convenient experience. The Latch Delivery Assistant with Latch Intercom makes missed delivery slips and towering package piles a thing of the past. Packages are easily delivered with round-the-clock access, and streamlines the entire package experience for residents, property managers, and delivery providers. 

About Marquette Companies 
Marquette Companies is a fully integrated real estate firm with a strong 38-year track record of success and more than $2.4 billion of apartments and mixed-use properties in their investment portfolio. They currently manage more than 12,700 apartment units with an additional 800 units in development across the United States.

We make spaces better places to live, work, and visit. By combining technology and design, we created flexibility in our products for a range of multifamily buildings, from new construction to retrofits across North America. Latch meets the needs of everyone at any building seamlessly. 

If you’re interested to learn more about Latch for your building, contact our Sales team today.


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