April 22, 2021

Latch Goes Live: April 2021 Spotlight

Each month, Latch software, products, and services are installed in a myriad of buildings across North America. In this month’s spotlight, we’re highlighting Boardwalk Apartments and Saltwood South—two new properties in Prometheus Real Estate Group’s robust portfolio. 

With more than 50 properties and 13,000 apartments in their portfolio, creating a sense of community has been a core value of Prometheus since day one. As their portfolio expanded, the need to create increased operational efficiency and an enhanced resident experience with a digital, full-building operating system spurred an ever growing partnership between Prometheus and Latch.

In early 2018 Prometheus partnered with Latch at Trestle, their first Latch-enabled building, and has since then deployed LatchOS throughout their portfolio—a blend of new construction and retrofit buildings. Latch became part of Prometheus’ long-term vision for the future of their buildings, and Boardwalk Apartments and Saltwood South are the two most recent examples of this vision to go live.

Since 2018, Latch has delivered and installed more than 4,400 products across Prometheus’ portfolio—and the partnership continues to grow. These devices eliminated access management challenges for building staff and residents alike. Building staff can grant or remove access remotely with a click of a button in Latch Manager. Residents no longer lose keys and experience lockouts and instead can easily access their apartment or other amenities with the Latch App, doorcode, or Apple Watch. These deployments across Prometheus’ portfolio resulted in lower operating costs, like reducing costly overtime expenses with after-hour lockout calls, and created the convenient and flexible resident experience they value. 

Boardwalk Apartments

Units: 260
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Project Type: Retrofit
Building Classification: Garden-style Apartment Complex
Latch Products: Latch C, Latch R
LatchOS Modules: Smart Access

Boardwalk Apartments is a newly renovated garden-style apartment complex in Santa Clara, CA. This existing property is in the heart of Silicon Valley where some of the top tech industry professionals work and live. Boardwalk Apartments boasts smart home technology, like thermostats, and energy efficiency systems to streamline power usage and decrease energy costs. Prometheus’ vision ensures all residents experience modern convenient living with the benefits of technology at Boardwalk Apartments. 

Prometheus installed the Latch C and Latch R, which are a part of the LatchOS Smart Access module. Smart Access is one of five powerful modules that connect a building’s most important capabilities. LatchOS gives residents more ways to unlock and building staff a better way to manage access. The Latch C is a cylindrical deadbolt that can easily retrofit into an existing building. It doesn’t require network connectivity, and is rated to meet the most stringent building codes. The C series delivers enhanced efficiency and added benefits, like streamlined building operations that minimize extra work for building staff, and convenient ways for residents to lock and unlock through the Latch App, Apple Watch, or other credentials. These products were built for every door, and Boardwalk Apartments was no exception.  

Saltwood South

Units: 177
Location: Portland, OR
Project Type: New Construction
Building Classification: Mid-rise Apartment Building 
Latch Products: Latch M, Latch R
LatchOS Modules: Smart Access

Saltwood South is part of the new Saltwood development in downtown Portland. This C-shaped, mixed-use development in Portland’s Slabtown neighborhood was designed to connect living spaces with the outdoors. An extensive network of rain gardens around the building add year-round visual interest  Taking cues from the historically industrial character of the Slabtown neighborhood, the building is also inspired by an urban experience reminiscent of Old World Amsterdam. This city has long been recognized as prioritizing nature first, and Saltwood South prides itself on its LEED Gold certification for sustainability.

Prometheus installed the Latch M and Latch R at this new development, adding Saltwood South to Prometheus’ growing portfolio of Latch-enabled buildings. The Latch M has an industry standard mortise cartridge, and it is built to the highest commercial standards and connects users to LatchOS. Whether unlocking with the Latch App, doorcode, keycard, or Apple Watch, Latch devices allow residents flexible access to various building amenities, like their rooftop patio, outdoor pool, and parking garage.

About Prometheus 
In 1965, founder Sanford Diller saw an opportunity to invest in the future of Silicon Valley. Inspired by the Greek titan who symbolized innovation and foresight, he built Prometheus Real Estate Group, a company focused on an entrepreneurial spirit. Sanford had the vision to transform apartment living and did so with care and attention to every detail. From site selection and design to service and innovation, no detail was considered too small. With over 56 Neighborhoods, 13,000 apartments in portfolio, and 2,600 apartments in pipeline, Prometheus is the largest private owner of multifamily properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a B Corporation, Prometheus joins a group of companies that believe in business as a force of good in the world. B Corporation certification requires meeting far-reaching standards related to the well-being of employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and the environment. 

We make spaces better places to live, work, and visit. By combining technology and design, we created flexibility in our products for a range of multifamily buildings, from new construction to retrofits across North America. Latch meets the needs of everyone at any building seamlessly. 

If you’re interested to learn more about Latch for your building, contact our Sales team today.


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