June 15, 2020

Latch Expands System to Include Smart Home Devices

At Latch, we started with locks, but our vision has always been bigger. As the first product system of its kind, we are on a mission to make buildings better places to live, work, and visit. Now, we’ve expanded our system to include smart home devices, enabling more seamlessly connected experiences that all just work together. 

We’re excited to announce Works with Latch—an extended offering of smart home devices, the new Latch Hub, and partnerships with ecobee and Leviton that allow us to go beyond access to create a smarter, more connected full-building experience for everyone.

Works with Latch

Works with Latch is the first enterprise solution to merge access and smart home technology into one unique platform designed for multifamily. The integration creates a more connected building experience by centralizing control of smart home devices like ecobee thermostats, Leviton light switches, and leak detectors and enabling residents and property managers to remotely manage and monitor their spaces from anywhere. 

For residents, Works with Latch integrates directly with the Latch App, allowing all smart devices to be controlled from one place. The Latch App allows basic control of each smart device, so residents can schedule automatic temperature updates, control their lights remotely, and be notified of leaks immediately. 

Works with Latch also enables seamless enterprise management for building partners. Each smart device can be managed through a single dashboard, allowing property managers to monitor the building’s spaces for issues like leaks, and to allow for increased energy efficiency and added cost savings.

By carefully selecting smart home device manufacturers that share the same commitment to care, trust, and longevity, Works with Latch facilitates added convenience and flexibility for both residents and building partners while also maintaining our commitment to security and privacy. Residents’ personal device data is visible only to the resident themselves, so they can feel confident that their private space stays private. 

The Latch Hub 

For buildings that want the option of smart home technology but don’t have building-wide Wi-Fi, we’ve announced the new Latch Hub—an all-in-one solution that provides connectivity for smart access and smart home devices. A dual core processor connects to the internet via ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE cellular to communicate with Works with Latch devices like Leviton Zigbee light switches and leak detectors, even in unoccupied units.

Set-up for the Latch Hub is designed to be simple to enable a more seamless experience for people who live, work, and visit multifamily buildings. For residents, the hub doesn’t require any setup, so each smart device is ready the minute they move in, whether or not Wi-Fi is already set up in the unit. 

For building partners, the Latch Hub provides an enterprise solution for flexible connectivity without additional infrastructure costs. Smart devices can be installed with or without building-wide internet and still maintain the same connected experience—allowing owners to make calculated OpEx and CapEx decisions. The Latch Hub also allows property managers to remotely update firmware for Latch locks and built-in cellular serves as a back-up communication path when the building has an Internet outage.

Works with Latch devices and the Latch Hub will become available throughout 2020. To learn more, contact our sales team.


Return on Smart Building Investments

Smart building technology delivers a wide range of financial benefits for multifamily owners and operators. From cost efficiencies to improved customer experience, a strategic investment in the right technology solution can positively impact both the cost and revenue sides of the ledger.

There are several different ways to estimate how smart communities achieve ROI. Learn more about the four most popular approaches in our easy-to-read guides.

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