December 10, 2020

Latch Debuts Hands-Free Vehicle Entry

From a building’s front door to individual unit doors, Latch makes access simpler and smarter. Latch users have always had multiple convenient and flexible ways to access their spaces, including via the Latch App, Apple Watch, a doorcode, keycard, or a physical key.

Now, we’re excited to announce the release of unlock with Siri®, a feature that can be used wherever they park their cars, giving users another hands-free way to seamlessly gain access to their parking lots and garages, right from their vehicles.

Using unlock with Siri on iPhones and Apple Watches, residents and guests can unlock a Latch R at the entrance to a parking garage, managed garage, community gate, or any other public door like a front door or gym. As Apple’s native smart assistant, Siri is a helpful and hands-free tool for everything from setting reminders to calling friends and family. Now, that same convenience will be available for the Latch App.

Enabling unlock with Siri couldn’t be easier. Latch users simply create a Siri Shortcut™ from the Latch App for the public doors they’d like to unlock using voice commands. Residents can choose Latch’s recommended phrase, or pick one that best suits them. Once the shortcuts are added, they simply need to ask Siri to unlock their door using their chosen command, and it will open securely and automatically when the residents’ phone is within range.

When residents pull up to their parking garage or gate, for example, they can say “Hey Siri, open the parking gate,” and their phone will unlock the garage or gate, allowing them to safely enter without taking their hands off the wheel. Unlock with Siri will also be enabled for all building common doors, allowing guests and residents to more easily move throughout a building’s common spaces like the lobby or gym.

Unlock with Siri delivers a seamless and efficient unlocking experience for residents and guests while also allowing property managers to more effectively supervise their entire property. Just like every other door, property managers will be able to manage the parking garage door in our enterprise management tool, Latch Manager. This allows them to remotely grant and revoke access for building staff and residents, along with expected visitors like maintenance providers or prospective residents visiting for the first time.

“Smart access unlocks a world of possibilities at Latch-enabled buildings, and vehicle entry is another important step towards a completely seamless experience for every one of a building’s key stakeholders,” said Latch’s Chief Product Officer Dhruva Rajendra. “The addition of unlock with Siri to LatchOS is yet another proof point of Latch’s unceasing commitment to set the standard in fully integrated, multifamily housing operating systems.

If you’re interested in bringing a smarter vehicle entry solution to your property, contact our Sales team today.


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