March 24, 2021

Latch Announces NFC Unlock for Android Users

Latch makes spaces better places to live, work, and visit. As a full-building operating system of software, products, and services, LatchOS delivers the best experience for all of our users on the smartphone of their choice. To give owners, property managers, residents, and guests even more flexibility, we’re excited to announce the release of NFC unlock for Google-powered Android devices, enabling another way to unlock every door.

“Latch has always supported new ways of making access as convenient as possible for everyone,” said Luke Schoenfelder, Latch co-founder and CEO. “LatchOS already provided users with the choice to unlock using keycards, doorcodes, Apple Watch, and iOS. And now we’re bringing smartphone NFC unlocking to buildings for the first time through the Google ecosystem, creating a faster, safer, and more reliable way for Android users to enter their spaces.”

With NFC unlock, Android users can unlock their doors without opening the Latch App or unlocking their phone. The user simply brings their smartphone within range of a Latch device, and the door opens automatically and securely with one-second unlock.  The average Latch user interacts with the Latch App 4.6 times per day, and the NFC unlock feature allows them to unlock without even opening their phone for a more convenient and faster unlocking experience.

Latch users have always had the ability to remotely share access with trusted guests like friends, family, and service providers. Like residents and property managers, guests can also use the new NFC unlock feature to securely access spaces to create a better experience for everyone in a building.

To bring touchless access to your residents, contact our Sales team.


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