September 16, 2020

Latch Announces Integration with RealPage Property Management Software

As a full-building operating system, Latch enables building partners to manage everything in one place. From overseeing access across their portfolio to managing every device using one system, Latch streamlines the property management experience.

As a member of the RealPage Exchange® AppPartner Program, Latch is simplifying property management even more. As an AppPartner, RealPage’s software directly integrates with Latch’s building management platform, Latch Manager. By removing duplicate data entry across access control, intercom, and smart devices, this integration delivers an easier, more efficient property management experience. 

The integration enables a one-way data feed from RealPage into Latch Manager. It pulls resident information like name, email address, and phone number, along with lease details like lease start and end dates, to create records in Latch Manager that are updated hourly. The integration also looks at relationships in the property management software and uses a set of rules to screen out guarantors or minors, so that only the resident data that you need is transferred.  We also only use the data that is absolutely necessary to respect data privacy for residents and to minimize any risk. 

This more efficient process eliminates double entry for property managers, accelerates day-to-day workflows, and ensures any changes to information in the RealPage system are synced to Latch Manager automatically, cutting out an extra step and saving property managers time and hassle. In Latch Manager, data entry can take between 1-5 minutes for every resident. With the RealPage integration, double entry is now eliminated—saving, on average, over four hours for every 100 residents.

This integration is available now to Latch customers. Latch is also working on additional property management system integrations so more buildings can experience streamlined operations and cost savings firsthand.

Existing customers can contact Latch Customer Support to bring the integration to their building. Or, if you’re interested in bringing Latch and our RealPage integration to your property, contact our Sales team.


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