April 26, 2021

Better Together with LatchOS: Latch, Google Nest, & AvalonBay's Kanso Twinbrook

AvalonBay’s Kanso Twinbrook property in Rockville, Maryland, is leveraging technology in inventive ways to approach multifamily living from a fresh perspective. This first-of-its-kind community is designed to offer the highest quality apartments at the most competitive cost. By thoughtfully integrating technology solutions from the very beginning, they’ve found a way to lower operating costs while still delivering the elevated experience that residents are looking for.  

“Kanso Twinbrook is an innovation concept community under our new brand that offers an automated resident experience, with minimal staff on site,” said Karen Hollinger, AvalonBay’s SeniorVice President, Strategic Initiatives. “Thoughtful and deliberate deployment of technology is what makes this possible.”

To make this tech-first vision a reality, AvalonBay partnered with Latch to develop a holistic, full-building solution. “Latch has really been a differentiator in how we develop our communities, how we provide customer service, and how we grow our revenue,” Hollinger said. “Kanso Twinbrook is very exciting because it proves that we are actually able to provide high-quality, modern, new housing at a lower price through technology.”

As the first full-building operating system, LatchOS is a system of software, products, and services designed to make every building better. By taking care of a building’s most important capabilities, from smart access and smart home devices to guest management and connectivity, LatchOS is a powerful ecosystem that adds convenience and flexibility for residents, building staff, and visitors alike. 

Kanso Twinbrook has Latch smart access devices on every door to allow residents to unlock one of several ways, while also allowing property management to work remotely thanks to their enterprise management tool, Latch Manager. But it’s not just access devices that create this tech-forward experience. Latch users interact with the Latch App 4.6 times per day, providing a strong foundation to build additional experiences for residents and building staff alike. 

At Kanso Twinbrook, smart access is joined by the LatchOS smart home module to create a more holistic ecosystem. By integrating Google Nest Thermostats through the Works with Latch program, it allows AvalonBay’s property management team to control the devices in common areas and vacant apartment units to create a more helpful living experience, while enabling residents to manage their climate from anywhere. 

The Works with Latch program is an extended offering of smart home devices that go beyond access to create a smarter, more connected full-building experience. As the newest partner in the Works with Latch program, Google Nest devices help people make their homes smarter, safer, and more efficient. Both the Google Nest Learning Thermostat and Google Nest Thermostat E are available through Latch, allowing owners and operators to choose the device most well-suited for their spaces. 

“Latch and Google Nest are a key part of our strategy in enabling associates to operate the building from afar and empowering residents with powerful tools and unparalleled convenience. This partnership is a great example of two best-in-class technology brands joining forces to deliver best-in-class living experiences in our AvalonBay communities,” added Hollinger. 

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Originally published on The Real Deal.


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