May 4, 2021

4 New Latch Manager Features Make Building Set-Up Faster Than Ever Before

At Latch, we’ve always created a better access experience. What started as smart access has evolved into our full-building ecosystem, LatchOS. Designed to make buildings better places to live, work, and visit, LatchOS gives residents a powerful way to control their spaces from anywhere and enables property managers to streamline operations and decrease costs.

Latch Manager, our enterprise management software, is the tool that allows property managers to oversee their entire building and each of their LatchOS modules. From assigning residents the access they need, to managing guests and deliveries, to monitoring smart home devices in vacant units, Latch Manager is a single, consolidated solution that makes building management easier. 

When it comes to smart access, Latch Manager enables property managers to easily share access with both residents and guests, resolve on-site issues—like lockouts—remotely, and give trusted vendors and service providers ongoing access. That way, they can save time and money on turnover and ensure their residents are secure, all from one place. Because it’s a web-based tool, they can even log in from a desktop or smartphone, giving them easier access, anytime and anywhere—even off-site. 

When onboarding Latch, property managers are responsible for adding all of their residents, uploading doors and keys, and sharing access to different spaces. As a result, initial building set-up could be time-consuming—especially in large buildings—and take time away from other important operational tasks that building staff are managing day-to-day. 

To make things even easier, Latch Manager now has four new features that cut down the set-up time by an estimated 90%. For a 300-unit building, for example, these new features can save up to four hours, ensuring that property managers have all the tools they need to quickly and effectively do their jobs—all without spending hours and hours on annoying set-up. 

“At Latch, our goal has always been to deliver better building experience, both for residents and building staff,” said Emma Stendig, Senior Director and Chief of Staff, Operations. “We’re continually evolving our enterprise tools to ensure that property managers have what they need to more efficiently and effectively do their jobs.” 

By adding four new features to this powerful tool, setting up buildings Latch Manager has been simplified with building staff in mind, making access management even more streamlined and making it simpler for owners and operators to expand their Latch portfolio. 

Add Every Door at the Same Time

Every Latch device is associated with a door in the Latch Manager tool. This allows property managers to assign the correct access to residents and guests. Now, instead of individually creating every door for a building, property managers can use a .CSV file to import them all at once by using a unit export from their property management system. After adding all of the common area doors, they can then upload this file into Latch Manager for a faster, more accurate way to add all of their doors.

Automatically Create Resident Access Keys

In Latch Manager, access Keys act similarly to physical keys—once a Key has been assigned to a resident, they can then unlock the door that matches. When property managers are adding their doors to Latch Manager, they can now also automatically generate access Keys for each apartment. This allows them to more easily share access with their residents by eliminating an extra step—all while ensuring the right people are gaining access to the right spaces. 

Add Users and Assign Access, All at Once

When you invite users to Latch, you can import all of their information like name, email, and phone number into the system at the same time using a .CSV file. Now, you can also add the names of the Keys they need too, consolidating uploading users and assigning access into a single step. 

Delete Unused Access Keys to Keep Things Organized

During installation, special Keys are created for installers to more easily move throughout the building. Using this new feature, property managers can identify Keys that are not being used and remove them from their system, helping to keep things more organized and ensure that their access control system is always up-to-date.

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