January 25, 2021

Founder's Note

At Latch we’ve had a simple, clear mission from the start. We create products that make spaces better places to live, work, and visit. Each Latch product is designed to help people get more out of each space, enhancing their enjoyment and efficiency in ever-increasing ways. Our entire team of engineers, designers, policy wonks, customer operations folks and more, are focused on the people who live, work, and visit these spaces. Over the past seven years, we’ve created a full-building operating system of devices, software, and services to make every building better, and we call that operating system LatchOS.

Our mission is deeply personal to me, as I’ve spent almost my entire life, from my childhood onwards, as a renter in apartment buildings. This experience motivated me and the team to start Latch, as we’ve worked to upgrade and improve the world’s oldest subscription product experience, renting an apartment. While so much of our economy has been transformed by technology, real estate has been a slow mover, and we create tools that make buildings truly better.

The result is the LatchOS ecosystem, which streamlines operations, increases net operating income for building operators, provides a better living experience for residents, and provides new efficiencies for service providers. LatchOS capabilities include smart access, delivery and guest enablement, smart home and sensor management and control, enterprise connectivity, and resident experience management. The average Latch app user interacts with the app 4.6x per day, with Latch providing capabilities used by just about everyone at a building. We’ve created all of these modules with some of the best partners out there, including Google Nest, UPS, and Realpage.

Today, more than 1 in 10 new apartments in the United States are being built with Latch, and 7 out of 10 of the National Multi Housing Council’s top developers are Latch customers. We serve a diverse mix of socioeconomic and geographic constituencies, with LatchOS enabling buildings, large and small, in more than 35 states. From affordable housing in Baltimore to garden style developments in Atlanta, luxury towers in the Midwest to historic buildings in Manhattan, LatchOS enables each of these spaces to be better. Despite this rapid and broad growth, we are still only scratching the surface. Latch currently has less than 1% market penetration, with approximately 47 million rental homes in the United States, new geographies, and new verticals ready for our expansion.

After only three full sales years in the market, we know that our products deeply resonate with building operators. Latch had amassed $304 million in cumulative Booked Revenue since we started selling our products, and we currently have a 154% net dollar retention rate. Even with the uncertainty of 2020, we achieved $167 million in Booked Revenue, which represents 49% year-over-year growth from 2019 alone. Despite these achievements, we are still at the beginning of our journey, and in 2021 we’re projecting $308 million in Booked Revenue. We believe that the excitement for new Latch products and services will lead to compounding growth in our core markets, and set the stage for rapid expansion into new markets.

While we are proud of these financial achievements, we remain focused on our core mission to make spaces better places to live, work, and visit through our products. We do that in large and small ways, pushing industry best practices forward while focusing on each detail along the way. Our commitment to being a leader in security and privacy, working for each stakeholder that interacts with our spaces, and our singular focus on the needs of our customers has enabled our success, and we’re not slowing down. While going public is an important milestone for any company, for Latch this milestone is just a midpoint, rather than an endpoint. We hope that at this next juncture you will continue on or join our mission, helping us transform more spaces together.

As we continue to add to the depth and breadth of LatchOS, delivering new experiences and devices, we believe Latch’s next chapter is going to be something really special. On behalf of everyone at Latch, we look forward to beginning this next phase of our journey as a public company, delivering on our growth potential in new and exciting ways, maximizing value for Latch shareholders, and making an ever-increasing number of spaces better.


Luke Schoenfelder
CEO & Cofounder

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