December 18, 2019

Latch and WhizCribs: Finding the Right Partner to Bring Smarter Access to Multifamily

As early technology adopters of the smart home give way to majority consumers, it’s no surprise that there are at least seven billion “Internet of Things” devices that promise to deliver on the concept of smarter, connected living. From light switches to thermostats to speakers, it’s a market that’s always expanding—which makes it challenging for multifamily owners and property managers to know which mix of products are right for their buildings and budgets.

“The community needs a resource to make sense of all of the smart home noise being thrown at them,” said Jordan Cooper, founder of Chicago-based WhizCribs. “I created WhizCribs to look at all the products on the market, determine which ones are the best, and create custom solutions for each building.”

WhizCribs, a self-described full-service smart agency, specializes in both the installation and ongoing maintenance of smart home products for apartment buildings, condos, and more. They offer everything from smart thermostats and light switches in individual units to full-building access solutions like Latch—helping owners create smart buildings that attract modern residents while also adding increased efficiency that boost their net operating income. 

WhizCribs was one of the first installers to partner with Latch in 2017. “When I learned about Latch and its channel partner program, I recognized how well their solutions aligned with the type of products that I wanted to work with as I built my business,” said Cooper. “We made it our company’s mission to build a business around Latch, and today, it’s the only smart access solution that we offer.”

Latch differentiates itself from other smart access systems as the first full-building solution with integrated hardware and software. That means Latch works for every door in the apartment building—whether it’s a new construction or retrofit project—and also makes access sharing possible throughout the property for residents and property managers. For installers, Latch is a single access solution that helps reduce their overhead expenses—decreasing labor costs, minimizing system downtime, and streamlining project management from start to finish. 

Latch also provides its channel partners with other incentives, including opportunities to earn monthly recurring revenue beyond the initial installation. Channel partners can continue to provide Latch maintenance and troubleshooting—providing properties with expert field support, while also allowing channel partners to increase the value of their business and build ongoing relationships with key building operators for future projects.   

As part of the Latch channel program, partners are set up for success from day one thanks to rigorous onboarding, phone and email support available seven days a week, complimentary product demo kits, sales collateral, and technical training materials. They also have access to a dedicated Channel Account Manager—their go-to-source for questions, product education, and a resource to help win deals.   

For Cooper and his team, working with Latch provides them with a competitive edge as the first full-building access system that also integrates with leading smart home device partners. The first of these device partnerships include smart thermostat maker ecobee and home sound leader Sonos—providing residents and property managers with even more personalized control over their spaces.  

As owners look for technology investments to help future-proof their buildings, WhizCribs and other Latch channel partners believe that smart access is the answer. Latch not only offers integrated hardware and software, but also helps facilitate new experiences and services that make residents’ lives more convenient and property managers’ jobs easier—which gives developers the distinction of creating not only smarter buildings, but also smarter living. 

“Latch is building towards the future and thinking about what modern residents want,” Cooper explained. “Developers come to us and say, ‘How do we prepare for the next generation of residents?’ and we give them a series of solutions. One of them is Latch.”