Lens into Latch

Living our values, together.

Building innovative software, products, and services that make spaces better places to live, work, and visit starts with our team and is powered by our values—not because we’ve written them down, but because they reflect who we are as individuals and the kind of company we continue to build as a team.

We value Contagious Determination, Humility, Trust, Inclusion, Action with Intent, and Privacy, and they guide our individual contributions to Latch, and in turn, Latch’s impact on the world.

Meet some of the people at Latch, and read what our values mean to them in their own words.

Contagious Determination

We pursue excellence. Our ability to persevere together allows us to go beyond expectations.


We believe in the strength of team over self. We embody empathy and respect. When disagreements arise, we communicate and commit.


Trust is the foundation of every strong relationship. We act and communicate with honesty and care.


We believe in the power of a diverse team. We embrace everyone’s differences and strive to create safe and welcoming spaces for all.

Action with Intent

We have a vision for a better future and a desire to lead the way. We learn as we go and are unafraid of taking deliberate risks while remaining flexible to reach our goals.


We believe everyone’s privacy is sacrosanct. We base each decision on our commitment to protect all information shared with us.

Ryan Abbadi

Finance and Strategy Manager
Finance | 1.5 years at Latch
I help the company plan long-term goals, and provide financial information and key trends to the teams that execute them.

The pandemic began shortly after I started, so I jumped in by helping our teams make quick, informed decisions to enable us to continue filling orders. I was able to learn quickly because of the people willing to share their time and insights. The attitude of team over self was something I encountered right away. Their generosity has been invaluable to me, and so I try to do that for others where I can.

I came across Latch through YouTube. We waste so much time waiting for deliveries and services, and the value proposition really struck me. Latch is about democratizing time for everyone, and focuses on the longterm by building products that last. The quality, sustainability, and thoughtfulness of our products is what drew me to the team.

Jenny Chen

Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain | 2.5 years at Latch
I oversee production fulfillment. It starts with a purchase order to our contract manufacturers, then we prepare the materials, monitor their production, and manage the shipment process to our U.S. warehouses. 

We need to keep our end goal top of mind, and be flexible about the ways that we put it into action. With supply chain management, you always need to plan ahead. Our priority is to ensure that customers get their orders on time while considering things like production lead time, which shipping carrier and route to take, and customs. All of these variables are constantly changing based on many external factors, so flexibility is a must. 

Our shipping volume has grown tremendously since I joined the team. This increase in production happened because everyone at Latch believes in our growth and works tirelessly to get us there.
Action with Intent

Elena Cloutier

Corporate Counsel
Legal | 3 months at Latch
Most recently, I worked on all the corporate governance that needs to be set up for Latch to become a public company. Overall, I provide in-house legal advice. Our team works on finding the balance between making quick decisions and well-informed ones.

As a company that is working on creating entirely new experiences, we have to navigate through a lot of unknowns. Action with intent is important for us to be able to move forward on unexplored terrain and get creative with how we accomplish our goals.

As someone who has lived in apartments before, I’m excited by Latch because I understand that we solve real problems. Being an early member of the legal team means that I get to really build something for a sophisticated product that raises interesting legal questions.
Action with Intent

Si Dhanak

VP of Product
Product | 4.5 years at Latch
I’m responsible for the guest and deliveries product family. I work on understanding which problems we should tackle, how we should tackle them, what products we will create, and maintaining the business health of those products.

I joined the team four and half years ago, and remember when we built the Latch R. It was a huge milestone, and took a lot of grit from a very small team. Developing game-changing products means facing resistance. You need a huge amount of determination.

We have an incredible product team that builds quickly by simply focusing on the next step. Every huge vision starts step-by-step. I'm immensely confident in the talent and people at Latch. We solve real problems, and I’m excited for our future because of the people that are here to make it happen.

Lizzie Fitzgibbons

Enterprise Account Executive
Regional Sales & Operations | 6 months at Latch
Being an Account Executive is about championing our products and educating the market. To get brand recognition, it takes determination, persistence, and fearlessness.

The real estate industry has existed for hundreds of years. It’s an effort to get people excited about trying something new. I joined Latch because I moved into a building that had our products installed. I was so impressed with the experience that I reached out to the team and told them how I could help and why they should bring me onboard.

You need to be passionate about what you do. My excitement for Latch is something I can share with our partners and customers. There is so much more ahead for us, and I can’t wait.

Shea Karademir

Executive Assistant
Executive Office | 1.5 years at Latch
As Executive Assistant to the CEO and CPO, it’s my job to make sure that things happen as they’re supposed to. No matter the curve balls that come my way, I get things sorted.

It’s so easy to give up and say, “We can’t make that work.” The word “impossible” doesn’t exist for me. In my day to day, that mindset is absolutely necessary. Unless you’re determined to see things through, nothing will get done.

That attitude is a core to Latch. We’re working on changing the way that people live and have experiences in their homes. That doesn’t happen without people saying, “We’re not taking no for an answer."
As a Product Designer, I have the opportunity to create smart living experiences for residents and property managers. The first big project I worked on was redesigning the Latch App by making a more intuitive experience for residents to manage multiple access points.

We are more than a smart access company today, but trust is still at the core of what we do. We operate in people’s personal space, which requires them to trust us and trust those that they let into their homes using our products and services.

Users are at the center of our designs. Latch experiences should be available to everyone, so we focus on creating interfaces that are accessible to everyone, including the elderly and those with physical disabilities. We gain trust from our users by putting them first. Since I’ve joined, we have expanded enormously and interact with our users in so many new ways. I’m excited to tackle new projects and ideas.

Gyu Won Lee

Senior Product Designer
Product Design | 4 Years at Latch

Lizi Lim

Art Director
Design | 3.5 years at Latch
Every design execution should be an extension of the characteristics that we’re trying to present to the world. As a designer, I promote the work of every team by using visuals to share those efforts with our customers.

Our style is super minimal. We’re able to do that because of the trust that customers have in our brand, in our products, and what we do. The products speak for themselves. Buying Latch is a commitment, so trust in the future of Latch is a big part of how we got to where we are today.

Since I’ve joined, there are so many ways that we’ve expanded that I hadn’t imagined. As a designer, the opportunity to work on the expansion of our vision is extremely exciting.

Eason Lin

Engineering (Hardware)
Engineering, Hardware | 1 year at Latch
As an Electrical Engineer on the Hardware team, I develop our smart access devices. Most recently, I worked on the Latch C2, which has so many interesting new features and components.

Our products occupy a very personal space for residents and every member of their families. We need to hear the voices of our end users to know what their needs are and what is most important to their lives. Humility is the foundation of that.

Latch going public means that more people will encounter Latch, which will provide us with more opportunities and enable us to add new products to our roadmap. As an engineer, I am excited to create products that make the smart home even more comprehensive.

Kat Manly

Senior Manager, Channel Operations  
Channel Sales | 1.5 years at Latch
Latch resellers are an extension of our Sales team. They sell hardware and software, and deploy products in the field. I help with channel partner strategy, including our sales and pricing promotions, to help our channel partners sell and engage with Latch.

The programs we create aren’t for us. Sometimes we think we have it completely figured out, but the feedback from our channel partners tells us otherwise. Humility is needed to take a step back, truly listen, and be adaptable. Our programs need to align with their needs first.

Latch has so much potential. The tools and resources that we’ve created so far are just the start. These are products that I truly believe in, which is a powerful motivator that keeps me going.

Nick Mindevski

Data Analyst II
Engineering - Software | 4 years at Latch
I assist the Product and Operations teams by providing useful data and dashboards that can help them make the right decisions.

I’ve been at Latch for over four years now. Early on, my manager gave me the opportunity to learn SQL, the programming language for databases, which is a skill that I now use on a daily basis. The ability to grow at Latch has been incredibly valuable to me. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with many teams. My biggest goal has always been to help where I can.

Before I joined the team, I was an installer and one of the first people who installed the Latch R. I was so impressed by the product, it looked like the future to me. With the growth of the company and our recent executive hires, I’m so excited to be here to build.

Rasheem Nash

Failure Analysis Technician
Engineering (Hardware) | 2.5 years at Latch
I identify product defects to help our engineers improve our products. When I first got to Latch, there wasn’t a returns department. Being able to build that process from scratch has been exciting. 

My job involves receiving shipments and working on actual devices. When the pandemic started, I was determined to continue working with the limited space that I have at home. It was a collaborative effort in making sure that the process continued uninterrupted. 

Latch is different—you are really able to go for your dreams here. I came into Latch with little education and low confidence. I can see the growth in myself since I’ve joined, and I’ve been able to move forward and be involved in things that I never thought I could.

Alexander O’Brien

Key Accounts Director, West & Midwest
Key Accounts | 3 years at Latch
I’m a relationship builder between Latch and our clients, and advocate for our clients’ needs. Sales is filled with highs and lows. Your energy is contagious. It’s important to lead by example, and have that excitement about the product and filling your quota.

We’re in an industry that is dominated by old, massive organizations, and Latch is approaching real estate from an entirely new angle. We need to be evangelical about our vision and the value that we provide residents, management, and owners. Our passion alone isn’t enough, we have to make it contagious so that our clients and end-users feel the same.

In the past few years, the industry has accelerated at an incredible pace. It’s rare to work at a company that is truly transformative and a part of daily life in such a profound way. There are so many possibilities to where we can go.
When I first joined Latch, it was just my boss and me on the team. Since last year, we’ve grown quickly, which is incredibly exciting. As the success and support team, we encounter a wide variety of questions. Creative solutions happen when there is a diverse set of experiences on the team. Everyone’s ideas and opinions have validity.

Latch occupies a very personal space in people’s lives. The fact that we’re working to make that space more comfortable is very exciting to me. We’re increasing comfort and convenience in all kinds of new avenues that I’m looking forward to.

Jordan Sahmaunt

Senior Technical Support Associate
Customer Support | 2 years at Latch

Zack Stayman

Senior Site Reliability Engineer
IT | 7 months at Latch
I make sure that all the servers that run Latch are working the way we expect them to, and fix any issues quickly so that nothing is interrupted.

There are so many parts to Latch. Someone can build a brilliant system, but my team needs to monitor it. If no one built that system, there would be nothing to monitor. Every team is integral. Humility is understanding that it’s not just about you, but about the bigger picture.

Latch has so, so many devices out in the world. Figuring out how to make sure that everything is working as it’s supposed to is fascinating to me. Being able to grow the capabilities of the business as a business grows its capabilities doesn't get boring. Latch is growing so quickly that I won’t be getting bored anytime soon.

Artemis Tosini

Security Engineer
Engineering (Security) | 1 year at Latch
As a Security Engineer, I look at Latch hardware and software to catch any instances where something might not work. Then, I find a way to fix it. 

User privacy is a big part of designing Latch products. People who are using Latch shouldn’t have to share unnecessary data. My job is to ensure trust and privacy, not just so that users trust us, but so that we are behaving in a way that’s worthy of their continued trust. 

There are a lot of exciting new products and integrations we’re working on, which poses a lot of interesting challenges for how you make things secure while making them usable. I love tackling this question in new and interesting ways.

Bryan Valletta

Senior Engineering Manager, Firmware
Engineering (Firmware) | 5 years at Latch
The firmware team writes the software that lives on physical devices. There are so many incredible products that we’ve worked on, but the C2 is a highlight for me. It was a huge shift in how our products have worked traditionally, and was designed from the onset with the lessons we’ve learned from previous products.

It’s important for us to be intentional about the experience we create for residents. End users don’t install Latch, but they are the ones who use it every single day. Building out something reliable, robust, easy to use, and super convenient for them is our ultimate focus.

We’re building out great teams, and working on solving such interesting problems. The new technologies we’re working on are super exciting.
Action with Intent

Carmill Wang

Procurement Specialist
Supply Chain | 1.5 years at Latch
As a Procurement Specialist, I’m responsible for securing components, purchasing, and supply for our contract manufacturers. The supply chain is really a set of relationships that you build with vendors over time. That’s what pushes you through when you have a scenario like we did recently, where supplies were in shortage.

Latch is a young company, which means that it doesn’t have the burden that old conglomerates do. The freedom to create and innovate has to be balanced by thoughtful infrastructure and processes across the whole team, but particularly with the Supply Chain team.

We are growing at an extremely fast pace. In the coming years, we will face greater responsibility and greater challenges. Everything is possible when you build strong infrastructure from the start.
Action with Intent

Hannah Warne

Senior Content Writer
Marketing | 2 years at Latch
As part of the marketing team, I help to tell Latch’s story. Action with intent is about taking calculated risks in creating a better future. That’s what the Latch brand was founded on, and being a voice of that brand means that we’re continuously trying new things and learning until we figure out what feels right.

There’s no safe path forward when you’re forging a new one. As we develop new products and expand into new markets and verticals, the areas of opportunity are very exciting—not just for my role in bringing them to market, but also in seeing the upward trajectory that we’re on.
Action with Intent

Yuting Zhang

Software Engineer, Web Front End
Engineering (Software) | 1.5 years at Latch
As a Software Engineer, I work with the Smart Home team on integrating our partner products. We partner with brands like Google Nest, ecobee, and Honeywell to create robust smart home features for residents.

The big picture goal of what we’re trying to accomplish requires pushing against the tide. That’s not possible without a teamwork mindset within the company. Everybody needs to believe in our vision in order to execute it. For us, that contagious determination mindset isn’t a bonus—it’s a necessity.

We have so many big ideas and I’m so excited for us to continue to make them a reality. With the right resources, there is no end to what we can do.
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